I'm ranting while I’m raving

And there's just a few things I have to say

23 October 1980
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I never know what to put here. So here is some basic stuff:

I'm Leslie - 30 years old and living in Wyoming with my husband and dogs Dylan and Kuma. I'm hoping (oh so very much!) to start the Zoology program at the University of Wyoming this fall (2011) Otherwise I'm adjusting to my husbands new schedule of being gone most of the time and trying to find my way around town without a GPS.

I'm a lover of the platypus and llamas, music and of course the internet :D I spend my time crocheting, making cards, watching DVDs and Netflix, reading and writing.

I'm also currently doing the 101 in 1001 project :)

Please feel free to friend me :) My journal is friend-locked - just comment on the first entry to be added (or ask any questions!) :D

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