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CC - Misunderstood

Cillian Wallpaper

'Tis not fancy, cause it's my first, but I thought I'd show it off, offer it up ^___^



The lyrics are from "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service ^______^


ooh! highly pretty!
Thank ya!
Is Zapped to Death by Teh Pretty.
I think this is gorgeous, and don't mean to nitpick...but 'Such Great Heights' is actually by The Postal Service. Iron and Wine just covered it on the Garden State soundtrack.

xD I'm sorry, I'm a music junkie, ignore me. Making off with the wallpaper, and a gorgeous job!
It's not a problem! I went ahead and edited my post XD Thanks for telling me!

And thank you!! I was nervous making it public as it was my first go.
Beautiful! I'll be using that for sure :D
Awesome!! Thank you ^_____^
::Can't believe she just found this:: Totally taking so i can prettify my desktop!!

yay!! ::mwah::
ooooo nice! I'll think I'll put that up!
this is kind of late but im using
Is there a reason it won't show? Because I'd really love to see it! XD
I've re-uploaded it, sorry it took so long!
Oh no! I can't see the wallpaper.
It's been re-uploaded :D