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CC - Misunderstood

Cillian Murphy Mood Theme

If anyone would like a copy of this Mood Theme please email me at sinisterspackle(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll be happy to send you the zip :D

Here is a preview of "Accomplished" through "Exhausted" ^___^ The Zip includes *all* moods XD

(If you've got a free account, Check This Out) ;)

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You can download the theme here ^____^
Please credit velvetcherri ^_^


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This looks amazing. Cillian... phew. *fans self*
I really wanna use it.
Do you know how I set it up if I have a Sponsered account? It wants the URL and... well... I don't have that. Could you help me please? I suck when it comes to this type of thing.
Hmm.. I don't have any experience with the Sponsered accounts. Have you looked at the link I've got for using it with a Free account? Basically you need a URL for the picture I'm thinking and you can get that by uploading the pictures to photobucket or tinypic or someplace similar.

Does that help at all?
Thank you - I'm glad you like it :D


If you want to email me (sinisterspackle(at)gmail.com) I'll send you the zip :)
Okay I KNOW this is like 1342234 years later, but this is the only Cillian mood theme I can find. Are you willing to share it? I'd appreciate it and give credit and all of that good stuff. :)
If you'd like to email me (sinisterspackle@gmail.com) I'll send you the zip :D

Edited at 2010-09-24 05:48 pm (UTC)
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