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CC - Misunderstood

Friends only...

Friends Only.


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Hey girlie :D i want to add you to my friends lj so I came to ask if you'd add me to yours :D
Yay! You're added ^___^
me me me.
I knew you were already on there LOL - I just went to add you anyway though, and it was confirmed by LJ :p

*peeks out* I've added you, lol...if you want to add me that would be great! I've meant to do this for ages, just a bit disorganised! :P
Woot! Gotcha added XD!
Um hey. Just wanted you to know the reason I took you off, cuz I didn't want you to think I hated you or anything...I figured you were going through enough shit and didn't need to listen to my whining. I seem to whine even when I'm not wanting to...
I hope things are picking up for you.
You were never a bother - not ever *hugs* I'd love to add you back - if that's okay ^___^
Not sure why you removed me. Just now noticed it, LOL.
i added you to my friends list hope you dont mind
add me back?
I don't mind at all! I've got you added back ^____^
I added you as well. I know you really dont know me that well but you seem cool... so I hope you'll add back
You're very sweet ^__^ I've gotcha added ;)

can I add you?
Yuh! I've gone ahead and added you ^__^

*stares at "Grr"ing Cillian*
Can I add you? :)
Of course! I've got you added as well ^___^

hey ya


I'm Jenn...better known as Jennpiano220 on Cillian Daily, heh. I checked out your website--and lemme say it's really awesome...not cuz it has Cillian and other such beautiful things...but because you are so open--I find that refreshing. We have much in common...I've friends who have been diagnosed with Bipolar and anxiety and such, and it can be horrible...but really, life is wonderful when you come down to the bare facts. I want to add you as a friend, and hope you will do the same!

Much love,

Re: hey ya

Hey ^__^ Yeah, I'll absolutely add you!

I'm hoping to add more to my website.. like some actual content LOL But I'm glad that you like what is there ^__^

I've got a filter on my journal for my bipolar ramblings - If you'd like to be added just say the word :) If not, it's no problem ^__^

Either way, I've added you to my friends list :) *snugs*
hi, my fellow cillian-lover. i'd just like to point out that we have the exact same journal title. it freaked me out for a sec, then i realized i wasn't the only person with a copy of cillian's song "so new". i added u.
I love, love, love "So New" ^__^ Beautiful lyrics and a gorgeous voice ^___^

I've added you back :)
Just curious why you cut me from your friends list? We were pretty new to each other's journals and I was commenting & such.
Oh christ? Did I? >__< I did do a cut, but I didn't mean to delete you **adds back**
Gotcha added ;)
Heya, just saw some posts from you... CILLIAN! =D
So yeah... I'd like to be your friend, if that would be possible... somehow. *bats lashes*

Totally possible ^__^ I've added you XD
in response to your comment to me in kitten's journal....

it wasn't my intention to put down any of you newer friends in her journal, not remotely. if anything i was offering an answer or a theory to her question of why people she had known for a long time were not helping....probably because they have the context to see how out of character her recent behavior seems, and feel uneasy about it as i do. if this is her new life path, so be it, i don't mean to judge it. i know My opinion doesn't make or break the situation. i just don't want to be part of it and now i am not. but i do have to argue that it is frivolous and rude to ask people to pay for a trip to meet an internet friend when one is unemployed and constantly makes posts about going out and spending money, etc and then begging when the well inevitably runs dry. you can't really say that is right to do, can you?

i'm not a mean person and was friends with her for many years. i would not just abandon that for no reason. it appears other people feel the same......maybe i didn't express myself perfectly to everyone's satisfaction but if i didn't care about her, i wouldn't have been moved to comment at all. i did not mean to insult you newer friends though, not at all, and aplogize if i did.
Haha, to be quite honest I don't remember how I stumbled upon your journal. I believe it was in a Cillian community so I decided to add you. I hope thats ok with you, and if its not just let me know:D!

That's fine! I'm glad you stopped by XD I've got you added now as well ^___^
Hey there - I've enjoyed your posts around the cillian lj universe for a while, so I thought I'd take a look at your journal -- did I mention before that the CrazyMeds.org site was a big help to me recently? Are you involved with it or just a fan?

Anyway, is it OK if I go ahead and friend you?
Yeah - absolutely okay - I'll add you now as well!

I was active at the CrazyBoards, but haven't been there
for a while. I should get back ^__^
This is just a hello, really... recently I snagged one of your Cillian icons, and I just clicked on your userinfo and saw you lived in Albuquerque, as do I. So this is just a how-are-yeh, and I admire your icon skills. :D
Hey! Thanks for the hey and the compliment!Small world, yeah? I took a walk over to your journal - do you mind if I add you?
hi! i found your journal randomly, mind if i add you? ^__^ i love your picture too! is that you in the photo? XD

I don't mind at all, I'll add you back :)

Nah, not me in the picture - sorry!
Hey! I saw your post on ONTD. I'm in NM too. Can I add you?
Absolutely! I'll add you as well :)
Saw your post on addme25_and_up.
Im 26. Mom. Military Wife.
More dorkiness then randomness at times.

Mind if I add you?
Of course :D I've added you as well :)
May I?
Red vs. Blue is awesome!
You may! XD

because "replies frozen" on a flame comment is low

If you don't like my writing, feel free to skip it and quietly move along.

Re: because "replies frozen" on a flame comment is low

Did I say that I already knew that? :p
Add me? I see you like Lord of the Rings (your friends only sign), Garden State, and Cillian Murphy. :D

I've got to admit though, while I like the movies, the books are my husbands ^__^
*poke* Friendy, perhaps?
Yes, of course! *has added*
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